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Describe your favorite clothes.
November 2, 2006, 5:00 pm
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Favorite Clothes Almost for every girl is very important to have beautiful clothes. For most girl sit is a necessity because it’s a method of self-express. Some girls like bright style, other like more practical clothes. I have my favorite clothes with I like very much. I prefer a classical style. Of course, it’s more for work related business hen I wear this kind of clothes, I feel more confident. When I work, I chose a comfortable suit with bright colors. It’s usually a jacket with slimming, shape-enhancing princess seams and skirt with strategic seaming for lean, sculpted look. This suit looks even better if I wear a rich leather platform shoes. Not everyone young girl like classical style clothes, but most of them have some clothes that they like. I perfect classical clothes. She makes me feel more comfortable and more confident.


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its boring

Comment by rashid sattar

it not good change classical dress to western model dress

Comment by Rashi

what you are fool now days we girls want to were hot dress not classical dress

Comment by sweta sood

seriously boring

Comment by mercy

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